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  • author ( 56, cougar | Bournemouth, England - Dorset, GBR )

    A long walk along the beach at night, get stoned, stare at the stars, eat loads of food, and have a bloody good laugh and plenty of banter. If its raining same, but at home and without the walk :) I like to keep things s...  see more >>

  • author ( 54, cub / man | Jacksonville, FL, USA )

    Meet at a place we both can be comfortable but allow us to be ourselves so we can get to know about one another.

  • author ( 53, cub / man | Waianae, HI, USA )

    sex....time where and when and be naked I am going to sucking all of the pussy first hour next hour your tits my mouth all over the place last I spoke the ass teaser all loving going on

  • author ( 50, cougar | Salem, OR, USA )

    Somewhere where we can talk and find a bit out about each other. walk in the park, a lunch or dinner, Tea, in a not really loud place.

  • author ( 54, cub / man | Hayesville, NC, USA )

    long weekend CAMPING in secluded place on lake n being NAKED NAUGHTY N VERY VERY VERY ORALLY PLEASURING

  • author ( 52, cub / man | Hiawassee, GA, USA )

    the ideal date would be for us to go out to eat and get to know each other a little better have a great time

  • author ( 58, cub / man | Pagosa Springs, CO, USA )

    would walking on a warm sunny beach in the US Virgin Islands were it's always 80 and 80 temp and water

  • author ( 59, cougar | Trinidad, CO, USA )

    A day spent leisurely hiking to our agreed upon location to pitch our tents. Build a fire & talk about what's important to us at the time, and make out like teenagers If we are lucky there is a stream or lake where we ca...  see more >>

  • author ( 50, cub / man | South Amboy, NJ, USA )

    Would be up to a meet and greet on a boardwalk after some initial conversation. That way, even if it was a bust, we both had some time watching the waves crash and smelling the ocean. I'm always willing to learn somethin...  see more >>

  • author ( 57, cub / man | Meadville, PA, USA )

    going to a nice bubble bath with roses and wine and soft music. and a hot pink negligee. with a Chardonnay.

  • author ( 50, cub / man | Pocatello, ID, USA )

    Good conversation , private setting, deciding if it's going to be more casual or possible emotion date

  • author ( 51, cub / man | Gatineau, QC, CAN )

    My first idea would be meet have a conversation over a cup of coffee or a good glass of wine. Then after would be up to us. We Re grown up persons and know what we want and what we don't want. Actually be frank and spont...  see more >>

  • author ( 52, cub / man | Augusta, GA, USA )

    My ideal first date would be somewhere that has good food and atmosphere. I want good conversation and lots of laughs

  • author ( 53, cub / man | Drom Hasharon, Center District, Israel )

    once we look into each other's eyes and wish to continue the dream I'd really want to sing to her hold her hand walk in nature kiss her show her me and how much I want her!

  • author ( 56, cub / man | Lakewood, CA, USA )

    I didn't have a choice of locations. I'll come down to SDif you want. Ate for sev, sev for for, for for, too sex...